Payment Options

We are always open to ways to find solutions to your problems, whether it is a technology issue or a budget issue. We are here to help you and your business become the most efficient and effective business entity that it can be. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have to assist us in providing the best possible services and solutions to our clients.


We currently offer several options to handle your technology needs on a budget that works best for you. We begin by having a discussion of your wants, needs and expectations. Then, we pull together an estimate of time needed to accomplish your goals and meet your expectations. Once we have an estimate of the time needed, we can work with you to implement the best possible work and payment schedule that not only fits into your time schedule, but also into your budget. This way, you can break down your projects into reasonable phases that fit you personally and fiscally. Below are some of our options for scheduling and budgeting time that best fits you.


Service Time Blocks


We offer various service time block levels for our clients. The blocks are in 5 hour increments with the minimum time block being 5 hours.  These time blocks are valid to use anytime within 90 days of receipt of payment. As you make requests for work, we will send you an estimate of hours for you to sign off on before we begin any work. We will send you a weekly/monthly status report of hours used and hours still available depending on the amount of work being performed. We offer discounts for higher service levels purchased. The higher the service level, the higher your discount.




Hours Purchased

Discount Given





40 and up




Maintenance Plans


Another alternative is signing up for one of our maintenance plans. We offer two options: 6 months or 12 months. Both plans offer a 5% discount off our standard rate. In both plans, you have an hourly total for that time period of either 6 or 12 months. It is then spread out over that time period in equal monthly installments of work scheduling and payments. You will receive either 6 or 12 invoices to be paid monthly in order to spread out the payments for you. At the end of each month, you can carry over 25% of any unused hours to the next month. At the end of the plan period, any unused hours up to 25% will be carried over for an additional 30 days. 


Phased Project Scope Breakdown


Another alternative for your larger scale projects is our phased project breakdown. For most technology projects there is a basic breakdown of phases. They are:


1. Discovery- Discuss wants, needs and expectations.


2. Design- Discuss and design an outline of website/application/database look and feel.


3. Development- Implement findings from discovery and design concept.


4. Testing- Go through site for adjustments.


5. Deployment- Wrap up and go live with finished website.


This is only a basic breakdown of phases. We can break it down into even smaller phases that better fit your schedule and/or budget if need be. In this option, we set up your work and payment schedule at your discretion. At the onset of each phase, payment is made for that phase only. We don’t move on to the next phase until the current phase is completed to your satisfaction and payment is made for the next phase. This way, you stay in control of the progress being made on your project by being closely tied to each phase and only move on when you are satisfied. It also allows for you to spread out the payments to fit into your budget. 


Non-Profit/Governmental Agency Discount


We also offer an additional 5% discount on all of our plans to non-profit and/or governmental agencies.